What we do

Our research

The Clear Air consortium comprises of R&D organizations who are involved research and technology development for monitoring of the atmosphere. We have a strong focus on the design and development of innovative satellite instruments, retrieval algorithms and the modeling of atmospheric chemistry and emissions.

Our research is focused on

  • Climate change & climate action
  • Improve air quality and public health
  • Reduce loss of biodiversity due to nitrogen emissions

We strive for impact by

  • Extend leading Dutch position in climate research and atmospheric chemistry
  • Support policy making (UN/COP, EU Methane Strategy, IMEO, Stikstofwet, Schone Lucht Akkoord)
  • Support the creation of commercial data services in this field (e.g. ISISpace, Airbus, S&T)
  • Support the R&D related to satellite instrumentation for atmospheric monitoring

Areas of research

The research and technology development work of Clear is focused on three main areas.

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