About Clear air

Mission and Vision

The Clear Air consortium comprises of R&D organizations who are involved research and technology development for monitoring of the atmosphere. We aim at being globally outstanding for the use of satellite instrumentation and data products for the understanding and mitigation of climate change, air pollution and preservation of biodiversity.

The mission of Clear air is:

To stimulate collaboration within the (inter)national Earth Observation community and across research domains;

To develop applications that can be used in and beyond the air quality and climate domain that will benefit science and society;

To broaden the use and thus impact of our knowledge and satellite data by policy makers and scientists alike;


At a national level, the Clear Air will focus on earth observation activities that provide a direct value to the society and economy of the Netherlands and are not supported in international programmes of e.g. ESA, EUMETSAT and the EU. At an international level Clear Air is already working in and contributing to programs of the EU, ESA, EUMETSAT and other agencies and collaborates with atmospheric expert centres worldwide like NASA-GISS and NCAR in the USA.


The partners of consortium has decades of experience in developing innovative earth observation systems, data processing methods and atmospheric models. Examples include the development of Dutch satellite instruments like OMI on the EOS/AURA mission of NASA(2004), TROPOMI on the Copernicus Sentinel 5p mission (2017) and SPEXone on the NASA PACE mission (2023). The modeling and data processing capabilities of Clear Air are used, for example, for the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) of the EU.

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